TracFone Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro User Manual

Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro user manual contains all of the things you need to know about the device. You can find out what is written inside the user manual here.

TracFone Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro User Manual

Every electronic good comes with a user manual, including Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro smartphone.

The user manual is a small book that covers everything you need to know about the device. From technical to non-technical information, it is all written inside the manual.

Below is the article that summarizes the content of the Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro user manual. You should read it as it can help you figure out information inside the manual.

Special Features

The first thing you will read in the user manual is special features. This section highlights the special feature of the device: side speaker.

This section has an illustration. Through the illustration, you will know which part of the phone is the side speaker.

Getting Started

This section teaches you to get started using your device for the first time. This includes information about setting up the phone, assembly procedure, and mobile device hardware.

Here, you will find out how to turn on and off your device. You will also learn how to restart it in case it is not responding.

You will be introduced to the setup wizard as well. The setup wizard is an assistant to help you set up your phone for the first time.

This section also has the pictures of the back view, front view, and the home screen of your phone. These pictures tell the name of each part of the phone and the home screen.

Thus, you will learn easily which part is the home key, the power key, the microphone, the home screen indicator, etc.

You can customize your home screen and try the multiple home screens feature. You can also open two apps at the same time by using the multi-window feature.

Furthermore, you can activate the emergency mode feature. This feature saves the power of your device in an emergency. The tutorials on how to use those features are all provided in this section.


The next section of the user manual is all about apps. The details about downloading, removing, and disabling apps can be found here. The information about creating a folder for apps is also included here.

This part also gives detailed information about utility apps, such as calculator, calendar, camera, clock, contact, email, gallery, etc.

Not only that, but it also informs you about Samsung apps, Google apps, and any other pre-installed apps. Should you are wondering why those apps are on your phone, you ought to give extra attention to this part.


The previous sections may provide tutorials to set up the device, but they are not complete enough. You can jump to this section if you want to read complete instructions to configure your Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro.

The first thing this section will tell you is how to open the settings menu on your phone. You will find out several ways to access it.

A smartphone won’t work properly without an internet connection. Some ways to get internet access are by connecting your phone to a Wi-Fi or mobile network.

Your device not only can connect to the internet but also other devices. This connection is possible because there are features to do that. Find out all the information about the connection here.

The next thing you will learn in this section is sounds, vibration, and notification. Here, you will be told about ways to configure your ringtone, volume, and sound to indicate every interaction on your phone. If silent mode is more preferable to you, you can change your phone into the mute mode.

If you think that your phone looks too dull, you can change the wallpaper and the theme. Adjusting the brightness level of the screen into your liking can also be done. You can do these easily with the help of tutorials given in this part.

Lastly, the manual talks about ways to secure the device. You should try using the security features to protect your phone and your data.

Some of the features are screen lock, SD card encryption, data backup, device tracker, and SIM card locker. These features can all be learned here.

In short, the Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro user manual contains all important information to operate the device.

Some tips and tricks can be read here as well. Therefore, to use your device safely and properly, you should read the manual first before using the device.

Download: Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro User Manual (TracFone)

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