TracFone LG Fiesta 2 User Manual

Are you curious about what is written inside the LG Fiesta 2 user manual? Here is an article for you containing a brief description of the content of the manual.

TracFone LG Fiesta 2 User Manual

LG Fiesta 2 smartphone comes with a user manual. The user manual is in the form of a small book. It is used to inform the users on how to operate the device.

Reading the user manual before using the device for the first time is highly advisable. It is because it contains information related to safe and proper use. Therefore, you should try to read it for your safety.

If you want to know the content of the user manual, the article below can help you.

Custom-Designed Features

This is the first section you will see inside the LG Fiesta 2 manual. This section emphasizes the main features of the device: multi-tasking features and quick share feature.

The Multi-window feature and the overview screen is part of multi-tasking features that the device has. Through the multi-window, you can open two apps at the same time.

Through the overview screen, you can see the preview of your recently-used apps. Find out how to use these features in this section.

You can share a photo or a video immediately after taking it. The information about it can be found here. It comes with a picture too to make it easier to understand.

Basic Functions

The next section of the user manual is basic functions. Just like its name, it covers basic information to get started with your LG Fiesta 2. Here, you will see an illustration of the device’s layout.

You will learn the name of each part of your device through the illustration. You will also be informed about the use of each part.

To use your phone, you must turn it on first. You can learn how to turn on/ off the device in this section. Not only will you learn about turning on/ off your phone, but also about other functions of the power key.

Furthermore, you will discover a way to insert and to remove the MicroSD card and Nano SIM card. You will also read some information about the battery, such as how to charge it and how to optimize its life.

If you want to set up the home screen, you can jump to this part. Here you will find a way to add widgets and to create and edit folder on the home screen. You can also try the feature to view the background theme. This feature allows you to hide apps and widgets.

Security Features

Next, it is about security features. The device has a special way to lock and unlock the screen. It is called the knock code. It is to tap the screen in the specified sequence.

If you are interested in using this feature, read this part carefully. Another security feature is memory card encryption. It protects the data on the memory card, so it can’t be accessed through another device.

Last, this section tells information about customizing the keyboard and activating the do not disturb feature. Included in this part is all you need to know about the keyboard, from changing the keyboard layout to adding languages to the keyboard.

This part also informs a tutorial to mute or limit notification through the do not disturb feature.

Useful Apps

This section covers everything you need to know about apps. Ways to install and uninstall apps can be found here.

LG Fiesta 2 has the reinstall apps feature. This feature lets you see uninstalled apps on the home screen that can be installed again within 24 hours. You can learn the tutorial on using this feature here.

This section also provides information about utility apps. The utility apps here mean apps that can be used to support your daily activities, such as calendar, clock, messaging, phone, voice recorder, etc.

There is a special utility app that the device has: QuickMemo+. You should read about this app if you love creating a note on a photo or a screenshot.

Phone Settings

Written in this part are the details on configuring your device. You will be told about ways to connect the device to some networks.

Learn how to connect your device to the internet through mobile data, or through a Wi-Fi here. You will also find out how to use Bluetooth and VPN here.

The next setting is all about configuring your notifications, ringtone, home screen, storage, and memory. You can read about power saving too. Thus, your battery can last longer.

Don’t forget to secure your data on the device. Find out how to encrypt the SD card and to set up SIM card lock here. This part also teaches you how to back up and restore your data. You won’t be worried about losing your data ever again.

In short, the LG Fiesta 2 user manual is your savior when you want to learn using the device. It has illustrations and symbols to make the tutorials easier to follow.

There are also some important contacts and website addresses too. Hence, you can always call the contact or visit the website if you don’t find the information you need in the manual.

Download: LG Fiesta 2 User Manual (TracFone)

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