Google app that stopped for no obvious reason on TracFone Alcatel ZIP LTE is an annoyance that you can deal right away so next time you can use this app, you don’t have to have re-opened the app again and again.

One of the possible issues that could happen to TracFone Alcatel ZIP LTE is an error message that shows up when you are using Google app. The error message saying “Unfortunately Google App has stopped” show up when the app suddenly closed down.

There is a problem with the Google app and that is for sure. You need to get it fix right away or that message will keep popping every time you launch the app. The question is how do you plan to fix this issue?

Clear app cache

Clear the app cache on your Alcatel ZIP could help you with this issue. To do this, go to “Settings > Application > Application Manager”. Find the troubled app and tap on it. Here you will find two options, Clear Cache and Clear Data. Tap the Clear Cache option.

Reboot the phone

It is simple and easy. Reboot the phone will clear out any glitch or crash on the device. This is one of the easiest troubleshooting actions that you can do when you deal with all kind of problem that happens to your Alcatel ZIP.

Update the app

Update the troubled Google app is also worth to try. Go to Google Play Store, choose “My Apps and Game”, find the troubled app and update it. Of course, you can only do this if you can access Play Store.

Last to try is factory reset the device. When nothing else works, perform factory reset on your Alcatel ZIP. Remember that factory reset will erase everything so always backup all files and data stored on the phone before doing this.


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