Find out everything that you can do to fix the “Unfortunately Google App has Stopped” message that keeps showing up after the app keeps closing on its own on Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime / Luna Pro.

Imagine this, you are using your favorite Google App and suddenly it closes on its own. The same thing happens again and again. This is very annoying because it means you have to start everything all over again. You need to launch the app once again and perhaps working on it from the beginning.

It is annoying but there are things that you can do about it. Try the following suggestion when you are having this kind of issue on your Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime / Luna Pro:

Clear Google app cache

Clear the app cache will erase bad and corrupted cache. Corrupted cache causes all sort of problem with an app and wipe it out will solve the problem. You can clear app cache from “Settings > Apps > All Apps”. Find the name of the troubled App and tap to open, then choose “Storage > Clear Cache”.

Keep up with the newest version of the app

You know that the newest version of an app works better than the previous one. It usually has some improvement in different aspect of the app and had removed the bugs that were found in the previous version. Launch Google Play Store and update the troubled app.

Clear glitches by restarting the phone

Restarting the phone is the type of troubleshooting action that works great to deal with different sort of issue on the phone, especially the one caused by system crash and glitches. Restart the phone, launch the Google app once again and see how it works.

Factory reset

Keep this as the last resort. Factory reset is indeed a powerful action that could help to solve lots of issue including this one. But remember that it will create major change with the phone and you should be preparing for it.

Try the above suggestion to fix this issue. You will know when you find the right solution when the “Unfortunately Google App has stopped” message stopped showing up and you have no more issue with the app.


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