All about user manual or user guide of TracFone ZTE Majesty Pro Plus Z889VL, the type of information you can find in it and of course, how to use the manual to help you get the most from this smartphone.

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Are you sure you already know everything you need to know about TracFone ZTE Majesty Pro Plus Z889VL? What if you are not sure about certain features on this phone, about how it works and what it can do for you? Or perhaps you have any questions regarding the phone?

The answer to all of those questions is available in this phone user manual. Below you will find a short list of all the things you can find on the phone user manual. Take a look and see whether you can find what you are looking for

✔ Getting started. Learn about the basic function before you even start it.Learn more about the phone, what they are, what they can do and how to work with it. This section will give you information on to insert the memory card, how to optimize battery life, things about home screen, how to unlock the screen, and many more. This section is very well connected with the “Knowing the Basic” section so better to read them both.

✔ Application of the phone. In here, you can find more information about the app on ZTE Majesty Pro Plus. The apps were listed down to make it easier for you to find the one you wish to learn more. It also shows you how to install and uninstall an app in this phone.

✔ Phone setting. From the basic setting to wireless network setting, device setting, personal setting and system setting, you will find everything here.

✔ Personalizing. In this section, you will found out how you can personalize the phone by using different wallpaper, changing the ringtone, protecting the phone with screen locks and so much more.

✔ Additional information. You will find information about phone software update, Anti-theft guide, and limited warranty statement and also safety information to keep you safe while using the phone.

Each section explains about different part and aspect of the phone. Go to the section that explains the things you wish to know more and have the answer you need. This way, there will be no more doubt on your part on how to use this phone.


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