The list of things to do when dealing with Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime / Luna Pro that won’t turn on arranged based on the possible cause to fix the issue properly and correctly.

There are reasons why your Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime refuses to turn on. You need to recognize the possible cause of this issue so you can deal with it properly. Here is the list of possible cause of this issue and how to work your way around it.

System crash

A system crash is the first possibility to consider. Deal with it to solve the problem. In this case, force reboot the phone will do the job to fix this problem. Take out the battery and press Power button for one minute to drain trapped electricity in the capacitor. After that, put the battery back and turn it on. If it won’t turn on, try the next solution.

No more power on the battery

No power on the battery means no power to turn on the phone. Charge the battery for a couple of minutes and then turn it on. It should solve the problem right away.

Bad third party app

A third party app that was poorly build or didn’t work in harmony with the system could lead to this issue. You need to boot the phone into Safe Mode to check for this possibility. If you can boot the phone into Safe Mode, it is obvious that one of those 3rd party apps is the source of the problem. Get rid of the app and you should be able to turn on the phone.

Problem with the firmware

Boot the phone into Recovery Mode where the firmware won’t be loaded. Try this as the final step after you try everything. If you can boot the phone in this mode, you got firmware problem. In this case, take the phone to a technician or better yet, Samsung’s technician to get it fix.

Those are things that you should do when you are dealing with this problem. Try the above solutions and hopefully you can fix it without having to resort to professional help, but if nothing work, a trip to a technician is in order.


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