Find out all about the things that could make a Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime / Luna Pro won’t charge and take a proper and immediate action to get it fix.

A smartphone that won’t charge is a common issue. It means it happened to other types of smartphone before, so there is a good list of solutions to try when you are dealing with the same issue with Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime.

Clear system crash and glitch by restart the phone. System crash creates all sort of problem and this is one of them. Restarting the phone will clear it and allow you to charge the phone once more. Try this the first time you find that you can’t charge your J3 Prime.

Perform thorough check on all part of the charging equipment, including USB cable and adapter. The burnt smell on the adapter and lump cable is a sign that those pieces of equipment is no longer work.

Replace the broken equipment and charge the phone. If you are not sure whether it was broken or not, try using different adapter and cable. Make sure to use a charging equipment with the same specification to make it work

You also need to check for any debris or dust in the USB port. No matter how small it was, debris and dust could block the current thus makes the phone won’t charge. While in there, check for the charging pin or connector. A bent connector won’t be able to carry the current so you need to straighten it up using tweezers. After that, try to charge the phone once more.

Have you found the real cause of this issue? Try every solution above to find the one that will work on your Galaxy J3 Prime. But when you already try everything and nothing works, it is time to visit a technician to get it a proper look. The real cause could be laid deep within the phone or there could be some serious hardware failure that you won’t be able to identify, so let the technician fix it for you.


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