Dealing with frozen or unresponsive Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime / Luna Pro is easy and no need to stress out, simply by force restart the phone and have it work once more in no time.

Frozen or unresponsive smartphone is a common issue. It happens all the time to all type of smartphone. What causes this problem? System crash and glitches are the most common cause so when dealing with this problem, clearing the crash and glitches should fix it.

So what are you going to do when your Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime suddenly goes frozen? You deal with the cause. Restarting the phone will clear those things but since you can’t do it the usual way, you have to force restart it. It won’t harm the phone and it will clear the problem to make it ready to use.

You can force restart Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime / Luna Pro by taking out the battery. Take out the battery and leave it for some time. To make it more effective, press Power button for one minute to drain trapped current. After that, put the battery back and turn it on. It’s crude but it will work.

If you are not up to it, try another method. No need to pull out the battery, just press Power button and Volume Down button at the same time and keep it for a couple of seconds. It works the same way as the first method to force restart the system. Just press those buttons and when it’s off, release it and just wait for it to come back alive.

Which method works best? They are all the same so it is up to you to use the method you feel comfortable the most. They basically work to force the system to turn off, thus in the process clear out the glitches and crashes that cause the problem in the first place, and after that restart it so it was ready for you to use once more. Both methods are easy to do so there is no need to stress out.


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