Simple instruction on how to force restart a frozen or an unresponsive Alcatel ZIP LTE that could happen anytime, where it will un-froze the phone and make it accessible once more for your daily need.

You find that your TracFone Alcatel ZIP is frozen. What are you going to do about it? You need to deal with the underlying issue that causes this problem in the first place. But in order to do that, you need to unfreeze the phone.

Alcatel ZIP has a non-removable battery. It means you can’t remove the battery to fix things, just like other phone with a removable battery. It could be a problem especially when you are dealing with a frozen and unresponsive phone.

A simple restart will do the trick. It will clear any crash and glitch that makes the phone become unresponsive. Since you can’t remove the battery all you need to do to force restart the phone is by pressing Power button and Volume Down button for a couple of seconds until the phone reboot on its own.

Once the phone work normal, you can work on the underlying cause of this issue. Start it by update everything in your phone, not just the app but the system itself.

To update the app, go to “Play Store > My Games and App > Update All”. To update the phone system, go to “Settings > About Phone > Software Update”.

In the other hand, you can try to wipe out cache partition on the phone. It will erase every single cache data, including the corrupted one that responsible for this problem.

If you find that your phone is keep frozen from time to time then performs a factory reset. As long as you already backup everything, you can have everything back minus the frozen issue.

Hopefully, you can solve this Alcatel ZIP LTE frozen issue problem once and for all by addressing the possible cause of the problem.


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