All about Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime / Luna Pro screen that won’t auto rotate, what causes it, how to fix it and when to take it to professional hand to fix the problem for you.

Auto rotation is a common feature to be found on all type of modern smartphone including Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime. You know you have this feature works when you change the orientation of the phone and the screen rotate automatically and change the way you view whatever that was playing on the screen.

But what if one day you find that the auto rotation feature on your Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime didn’t work? Is it possible to happen? Yes, it is possible and when it does, you need to know what to do about it.

Always start with the most obvious of all. Check for the auto rotation setting and make sure it was turned on. It won’t work if you haven’t turn it on. Swipe down the screen to bring notification panel and quick setting in view. Look for the auto rotation icon and tap to enable it. After that, give it a try and see whether it already work or not.

Restart the phone. Try this if you find that the screen still won’t auto rotate even though you already enable it. When you restart the phone, any crash and glitches will be wipe out, which probably cause this feature didn’t work in the first place.

Follow the above suggestion in order. It means, enable the feature and then restart the phone. In most cases, the screen on your Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime should be able to rotate automatically. In worst cases, it will do nothing. The screen stays stuck on its current position.

When it happens, then you probably deal with hardware failure. In order to make the screen able to rotate automatically, there are parts and component installed on the phone. When the component didn’t work as it should be, then it won’t be able to do what it was supposed to do. This is the time to get a technician to fix it for you instead of trying to fix it on your own.


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