A list of the things you can do when dealing with TracFone LG Fiesta 2 that won’t charge, where you will find that each of these things aimed to fix specific possible cause of the problem.

When a LG Fiesta 2 won’t charge, there are a couple of things to try to fix this issue. In most cases, this is not a huge problem and you can fix it easily. Try the following suggestion to deal with this problem and when nothing works, take the phone to a technician to get it fix professionally.

Restart the phone. Restarting the phone will clear system crash and glitches on the system. This is a recommended action when dealing with various kind of issue on a smartphone and this is definitely worth to try in this situation. It is possible that a glitch in the system blocking the charging process by tricking the phone to think that it already has full battery and it didn’t require charging.

Check for any broken part on the charging equipment. Charging equipment usually consists of an adapter and USB cable. If one of them was broken, replace it before you can charge the phone.

But how do you check the charging equipment to find the broken one? You may not be able to tell it, so let’s try to do it the easy way.

The easiest way to check the adapter and USB cable functionality is by using different adapter and cable. If you can charge the phone using different adapter and cable, you know exactly what causes the problem in the first place.

You also need to check for any debris or dust in the USB port. No matter how small it was, debris and dust could block the current thus makes the phone won’t charge.

Check the entire part of the charging equipment including the pint and connector to make sure everything is in order. When you already try everything above and the phone still won’t charge, a trip to a technician is in order to find out the real cause of the problem and to fix it accordingly.


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