Learn the standard troubleshooting guides to fix Alcatel ZIP LTE that won’t turn on, where you can do it on your own and have the problem solved without have to bring it to professional technician.

Do you find that your Alcatel ZIP LTE won’t turn on? Do no freak out yet because there are couple of things that you can try to solve this problem and have your phone back to normal.

Charging the Phone

It is very obvious, since the most possible thing that caused this problem is the fact that the battery has run out of power. Try to charge the phone to fix this issue.

Forced Reboot

One of the possibility that caused your Alcatel ZIP won’t turn on is because the phone is frozen. Frozen phone won’t react to whatever you do with it and the best solution is to perform forced reboot process on it.

To forced reboot Alcatel ZIP, press and hold Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time. Press both buttons for around 10 seconds, where it will force the system to reboot the phone and you will find the phone powered on perfectly.

Boot into Safe Mode

Another possibility is that there is a bad app on your Alcatel ZIP. Since the device won’t turn on in standard operating mode, boot it into Safe Mode.

In android Safe Mode, 3rd party app will be disabled temporarily, so if the phone able to boot into this mode, it means there is possibly one or more of 3rd party apps that need to uninstall immediately

Boot into Recovery Mode

If you can’t boot it into Safe Mode, try to boot it into Recovery Mode. In this mode, the Android interface won’t load up so basically only the hardware part that works in this mode. If you can boot into this mode, you have no problem with hardware and perhaps there is problem with the interface and it goes around.

Consider to take the phone to a repair shop or better yet, contact the Alcatel or TracFone service center to have this problem fix, when you had tried everything and nothing works.


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