Solve the problem with Alcatel ZIP LTE that won’t charge with the easy to follow troubleshooting guide and find out the possibilities for discover the real cause for this issue and deal with it right away.

Now, you don’t have to bring the device straight to the technician. There are couple of things that you can try first and who knows, it may solve this issue once and for all.

Firmware Problem

Firmware crash may trick your Alcatel ZIP to think that it already has a full battery so there is no need to charge it. For this possible cause, restart the phone to clear firmware crashes. Press Power button and choose Restart option from Power menu.

Charger Problem

Check your Alcatel ZIP charger to make sure it works properly. Try to charge the phone using other charger. If it works, then the main charger is the troubled one.

In another hand, try to charge other phone with the same charger. If it works, then your device is the troubled one. This is an easy way to check the source of the problem so user can take appropriates action.

Cable Problem

Sign of irregularities on the charger cable such as a lump, scraping, or breaks could mean the cable is broken. The only way to deal with it is by using different cable to charge the phone.

USB Port Problem

Look closely at the end of your device charging cable and to the charging port. You will see small size pint that delivers the current from the cable to the phone. Check for these pints. Does everything look normal? A bent pint is a problem and you need to straighten it to fix this problem.

Does it work for your Alcatel ZIP LTE? If nothing works, you need to get assistance from professional technician that will dig further into this issue to find the solution.


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