Auto rotate feature that didn’t work on TracFone Alcatel ZIP screen is an inconvenience issue that you have to deal with but you should try to work on it on your own before having a technician to do the job.

Dealing with Alcatel ZIP screen that won’t auto rotate is not that hard. This problem usually happens for a basic and simple reason. Try for these suggestions to make the auto rotation screen on this phone work back to normal.

A possible cause of this matter is that because you accidentally change the auto rotate setting. It is possible to happen because the setting for auto rotate is located in the Quick Settings menu, which is very easy to access and it is possible that you accidentally touch it when you open it.

You need to check for the setting. Go to the Quick Settings panel on your Alcatel ZIP by swipe down the screen. Access the Quick Settings menu, find Auto Rotate, and tap it to enable it. You can turn it off and on for several times and check whether it works or not.

If it’s still not working, restart your Alcatel ZIP. Sometimes a glitch or minor crash happen and it makes some features didn’t work as it should be.

That is why rebooting the phone is one of the most popular troubleshooting guides for all sort of smartphone including Alcatel ZIP. To reboot the phone, press Power button long enough, and then choose Restart option. The phone will reboot and clear this issue.

Once you restart the phone, check for auto rotate screen functionality once more. Has it work or not?

What if nothing works? Perhaps there is some hardware malfunction on your Alcatel ZIP LTE. If you suspect that this is the real cause for this issue, do not take any chances by trying to fix it on your own. Take the device to service center and have some technician to look at it and fix the problem.


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